Thank you for your interest in Ducheneaux Quarter Horses and our family story. I've
tried to capture all of the highlights, and as you can imagine each of the stories and
horses mentioned could take up an entire website on their own, so I've tried to be as
brief as can be.

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When dad was growing up, horses were still the primary source of horsepower for all
things that happened on the ranch. Putting up hay, feeding cows, building dams, any
farming that had to be done, even the occasional trip to town all occurred while looking
at the ample rear end of a draft type horse. Because of the nature of these tasks, things
such as performance, disposition, and versatility were sacrificed for other, more
important characteristics. Dad still tells a story about Grampa Ducheneaux's excitement
upon returning home after selecting one such steed; he said, while holding his hands up
and apart about the size of a dinner plate...."He's a good SOB too, must have a foot on
him THIS BIG!"  Now you can imagine that a practical man like that is not likely to have a
couple separate herds of horses around, one for the heavy work and another for the
cowboyin'. What he did have was a herd of fearless and indestructible kids, and a bunch
of yearling and two year old draft horses. It was one day while doctoring calves on one of
these lumbering beasts that Dad had his epiphany. You see, the method for doctoring
calves on this type of horse pretty much amounted to chasing the calf until he was
sufficiently tired that the old draft horse colt could get you in position for a throw of
your rope...he decided right then and there..."someday, I'm going to have horses fast
enough to catch that calf".

This was the beginning of Ducheneaux Quarter Horses, and in the early 1960's the Old
Man partnered with Uncle Ed Ducheneaux on a handful of mares and a gangly 2 year old
stud named
Sniper Buck; who would eventually become the cornerstone of the breeding
program. The colts by "Buck" had it all; disposition, ability, and tons of eye appeal, and
he was the only stud on the place until the 1970's when an old Texas stud found his way
to our place.  

Dandy Fly was a big sorrel babysitter, who could perform in the arena regardless of who
was riding him. My brother fondly  recalls his first ride "outside" which was on Dandy,
through his mare bunch to move cows.

During the 80's we had several successful outcrosses, beginning with a red roan Jet Deck
grandson named
Dandy Bar Jet who had a pedigree that read like a who's who in the
Quarter Horse industry. A towering 14.3, Roany produced bigger than his stature, and
you'll still see a lot of white hairs in the flanks and tailheads of our horses today, Roany's

Breezing Smooth came next, and he brought with him show ring performance along with
the all important disposition and trainability. He came to us from Bob McCutcheon's
cutting program, and we used him for 8 years.

Hulk, formally known as
WDX Babysbreeze was by Breezy and out of Tye Rye Baby, one
of the old mares from the original band. My Dad's pet, he proved that the Ol' Man
knows how to pick em, as you will see that most of the mares and the horses for sale,
will trace back to Hulk.

You'll also see
Coconino Sioux, a Roany son, on the pedigrees of some of the horses.
Born and bred here, sold to a cousin, we were fortunate enough to be able to use him for
a few years and get some pretty heads and color from the cross.

That brings is up to the current batch of horses. My family has done such a great job
putting this thing together, my job now, is to "not screw it up" and I take it seriously.
Disposition is first above all else, then performance, trainability, usability, and finally eye
appeal. I hope you've enjoyed the brief history, and look forward to visiting with you!
Zach Ducheneaux
Ducheneaux Quarter Horses
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